Pop-Up Museum: Podcamp Halifax

The Podcamp Halifax Pop-Up Museum: What’s your 2011 Halifax Story?

Further details and guidelines for submissions to the Pop-Up Museum are coming very soon!  Follow @jgoreham on twitter for all your Pop-Up Podcamp needs.

A Pop-Up Museum, as created by University of Washington graduate student in Museology and Nonprofit Management Michelle DelCarlo, is a “museum-like” space where people share stories with others and learn something about someone else through conversations.”  All day, the Pop-Up Museum panel will exhibit a display curated by Podcamp Attendees based on the theme: “What’s your 2011 Halifax Story?

Contributions can be physical items representing your 2011 Halifax story, spoken or written tales, or printed QR codes linking to online images, videos, or blogs, etc. The only limitation is your imagination!  Your contributions will be recorded via photography, video, or audio and collected into a blog format for your convenience, so please, all day at Podcamp, don’t hesitate to tweet, facebook, blog, tumblr, reddit, digg, and youtube your favourite items in the exhibit – or to strike up a conversation with fellow museum visitors.  We suggest you use the hashtag #halistory.


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