CNSA Social Media Presentation Links List

Thanks to the Council of Nova Scotia Archives for asking me to participate in their conference this year.  I had a great presentation experience and learned a lot from my fellow presenters.

The following is an annotated links list of social media resources- especially Facebook, which was my focus for the presentation.  Some of this information and these services can easily be applied to other social media platforms.

Facebook Blog:  Facebook itself keeps a great blog highlighting the latest features and news.  Articles are well-tagged and it’s easy to find the information you’re especially seeking in their archive.  The comments are also really helpful.  Facebook users aren’t shy to offer feedback to Facebook on new features through the blog so you might find it a good barometer regarding app and feature popularity.

Inside Facebook:  Inside Facebook is my favourite unofficial Facebook resource.  Like the Official Facebook blog, they also offer commentary and tips on making the most of your Facebook page, group, or profile.

Mashable (Social Media):  Mashable is a multi-topic blog.  I subscribe to the RSS feed for the Social Media topics.  There are a lot of good Facebook (and other social media platform) tutorials, like this one about using FBML to build a custom Facebook landing page.

HubSpot Marketing Resources:  The free webinars and free e-books available at HubSpot are very helpful, and their mailing list doesn’t send an overwhelming number of messages.  The best part is that if you can’t do the webinar live, as long as you’ve signed up for it in the first place, you can access an archived video of the webinar to playback when you have the time- very convenient for the archivist, librarian, or museo who is one of few staff members and taking on social media in addition to their existing workload.  Bit.lly is an URL shortener that gathers stats and generates QR codes.  Because of the stats and QR codes, I prefer it to tinyurl.

Museum 2.0: How Much Time does Web 2.0 Take?:  Recently I met with the director of a large local event to discuss social media.  He wanted to know how much time you need to spend on social media.  I like to forward this blog post on Museum 2.0 to people who ask that question because I think blogger Nina Simon really nails it in this article.  Museum 2.0 is overall a great blog- Simon’s taken a new job and I think it’s still unclear how it will affect the blog, but in the meantime, there are a lot of web 2.0 resources and concepts at her blog in the archive to mull over.

New Curator:  Like Museum 2.0, New Curator is one of my favourite museological, web 2.0 blogs.  New Curator blogger Pete is especially interested in QR codes and mobile, and is a great user of social media.  Well worth adding to the RSS reader.

Operation Social:  The Shearwater Aviation Museum is a Canadian Forces museum, and as such, the first thing I think before posting anything to facebook, twitter, youtube, or any other social media account is if it’s in accordance with CANFORGEN 136/06.  OpSocial’s mystery blogger and I have this in common.  He (or she) also keeps on top of social media trends and tools, and this is why I’ve included OpSocial on a links list for people who aren’t CF personnel or contractors- you might find a tool you didn’t know about.


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  1. Lauren

    Great list!

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