Social Media and Museums

Good morning everybody.  I’ve been experimenting with social media a lot at work lately, and I think it’s paying off for the museum.  I find it hard to really gauge how I’m doing at this point, but I think I’m catching attention:

  • I recently live-tweeted our big spring event at the Shearwater Aviation Museum.  I wrote it up on my tumblr, go check it out to see what I did well, what I didn’t do well, and what I learned from the whole thing.
  • @laurenoostveen, popular Halifax tweeter at @NS_Archives, asked me to participate in a panel about social media for the CNSA in May.  Further details to  come.
  • I’m helping one of our volunteers to set up a Flight Simulation enthusiast group, and I’m going to undertake the social media for all of that.  I’m excited to set up a mobile-optimized site and a QR code to get the details about the group literally into people’s hands.
  • I might be in negotiations to help with social media for a big outdoors event here in the Maritimes.

Screen Cap of @YAWMuseum

I really enjoy social media, and have since before it was called that.  After I graduated in high school, my friends and I set up livejournals to keep in touch.  The livejournals are long since deleted and we’ve all fallen out of touch, but ever since then I’ve dabbled in the different platforms that have come out.  I’m getting a smartphone soon and I’m really taken with how mobile-friendly current social media is.  I’m excited to see how I can use social media to forward the museum, and myself as a museum worker to network and advocate for museology.


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